Why bourbon? Why not!

Everything is better with bourbon, especially Bourbon from Memphis. When we set out to make our Memphis Bourbon Caramel Cake, we wanted to pair a small-batch bourbon with our hand-crafted caramel. We wanted a bourbon that pays attention to quality and flavor as much as we do. That’s why we partnered with Old Dominick and their Huling Station Bourbon. This is the most delicious combination of bourbon and caramel we have tasted, and is a match made in heaven designed to be enjoyed year-round.

When we bake our cakes, we take every detail seriously.

That’s why our caramel is crafted in small batches, so that you get that deep, rich and silky flavor that can only be achieved by making it with love. Our caramel is made with Plugra butter and layered in between fluffy cream cake that is made with fresh sour cream. This classic cake has been made with only the best ingredients to ensure that every bite is the best bite you’ve ever had.

Our Strawberry Takes the Cake

Our strawberry cake is quite possibly the most beautiful and delicious shade of pink you’ve ever seen. How do we make that happen? Real strawberries, of course! We use fresh strawberries throughout our creme cake batter and our Plugra buttercream icing. When it comes to our cakes, ingredients are everything. That’s why we pack as many of the sweetest strawberries as we can to bring you a decadent treat bursting with real strawberry flavor.

Chocolate Decadence!

When we set out to bake our chocolate cake, our mission was to give you the Mose decadent experience you’ve ever had, just by taking one bite. Our rich, creamy icing, atop a light and airy chocolate cake batter delivers No matter the occasion, it always calls for chocolate. Be sure to drizzle our chocolate sauce over the top to ensure maximum chocolate flavor in each bite.

When life gives you lemons

We're taking this phrase to a whole new level by making life’s little moments even sweeter. Layers of rich, moist lemon cake are topped with a delicious icing, to bring you the perfect blend of sweet and tart. This lemon cake is baked with only the best ingredients and a whole lot of love to make any sour day the sweetest ever.

Ccocnut Cake

Our coconut cake is a soft, fluffy creme cake with just the right amount of coconut flavor. Rich creamy cream cheese frosting made with Plugra butter and topped with coconut flake. Our light and fluffy coconut cake comes with a rich chocolate drizzle sauce to give you a delectable balance of your favorite flavors..

Ccocnut Covered Strawberry

Nothing beats chocolate-covered strawberries unless it’s turned into a cake! Our crowd-pleasing strawberry cake is layered with our rich chocolate frosting. Our chocolate-covered strawberry cake is shipped to you with a jar of strawberry sauce to drizzle over the top, for extra indulgence.

Memphis is widely known for its soul. We take that soul and pour it into each and every thing that comes out of our bakery. We ship our cakes from Memphis all over the United States! Head to our Goldbelly shop to get some sweet treats delivered to your door, from Memphis, Tennessee with love.